Lazy Ass Dentist

I dunno whats wrong wth me .

It’s been like more than 7 weeks and i never showed up at any Saturday class . I think DN is gonna be my destiny 😀 .

The weird thing is I prepare myself the night before but as soon as I hear my 7. AM alarm , I feel like its just an alarm to stick to my bed more , saying to myself  ” It’s gonna be easy for me to remember dates of absence if its all Saturdays to include them in a medical excuse or something ” .. !!  What an epic FAIL !

1st Post



Well ,,

I always wanted to have my own blog to share my thoughts & my life with others .
I prefer to write in english cuz I used to it .. And sometimes I could be in the mood to write in arabic . Im saying that so u don’t get confused and shattered later 😉 ..

I consider this site as a mirror to reflect what im into  .  I hope that u Enjoy it .